Monday, 9 February 2015

Beth's Poem - Sentiment

Beth wanted to share this at All the Words of the Rainbow, but the time wasn't quite right, so here it is now:


... and so it spills and dampens the veins.
Rushes to ebb and flow and soar to sides; searching for exits. It stays,
disperses and tries to loose itself.
Claims anonymous and
is all but one and one for none and exerts its own existence. 

Then it rests; lies low in the cavities.
Predates in hiding for serendipitous moments, conjuring pulse and effect without pleasant consequence.
Opportunist in ethic and intuitive to sense.
Mastering the art of victimising those with ungraded realities;
those lacking vigilance in sense. 

Nonsensical nuisances and rising pulses cause backlashes of questions and replay. The flow rapids.
It sinks and swells then rips to guide the unguided.
reverses three sixties 
spins on one eighties 
building posts on memory lane
Then it tears through bricks and mortar; wrecking our architecture of thought. Claims it presence, plays with balance and off-killters the lines we are on and of.

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