Monday, 15 June 2015

NZ Queer/Rainbow Poetry Anthology - Submissions Invited

An invitation to submit unpublished poems for a current collection of the NZ Queer/Rainbow poetry voice-all sectors of our community invited to submit. 

Inspired by the quality of poets at the last Pride Festival poetry reading, a call out to the queer community to bring heart, soul, fire, humour and clarity  through your poems. Obscurity and intelligentsia not recommended- bring your heart and soul to your work, to your voice, make it matter. 

Submission of 7-10 poems per person with a maximum collective wordage of 3500 approx. Close off date for submission 21st September 2015. 

Please ensure that your work is fully edited prior to submission. There is no guarantee of any or all poems being published but at least three people will be respectfully assessing the quality of voice and value for publishing within this collection. Gratitude is underwritten for all submitters and their works as is respect for ownership. If successful we will contact you for a brief bio.

Any skilled computer whiz/editor who can help template said collection into being please be in touch. Likewise any philanthropist/s who wish to donate money solely for publishing  (all else is unpaid and voluntary) with a hope of Pride/Out Games 2016 date please contact:

Michael Owen: email- or 09 3769599. 

All poetry submissions to: 

Thank you- bring it!

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